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User Data is effectively what users are interested in. Information such as web pages, source code, and so forth. The opposite of User data is GnuForgeSystemData

All user data is either kept locally or is distributed. Local data is essentually under the juristiction of the node owner and what they choose to support. Distributed data lives in a peer-to-peer (p2p) network such as Freenet.

Two primary systems must exist in order to manage distributed data

  • Name translation of a file name to a hash value which is used by the p2p system. This first component can be a stand alone system which runs by itself on one machine. It should be written with the future intention of distributing those systems and interconnecting them with the second component, below. This can either be implemented as a database, or a mountable file system. That component will have uses beyond GnuForge.
  • A rubust network of name translators which allow changes to the name translation tables. These systems, by their nature, will be distributed. They must allow for synchronization errors and provide a means to correct them.

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