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e BitTorrentVsOvernet here.

My experiences (ggvw)


  • Download (ed2k) links are easy to get (think of search function within Overnet and sites like Sharereactor).
  • Download speed is quite slow, but all downloads do eventually finish. (must be 100% available)
  • Availability of files is constant.


  • Download links are harder to get (even if you know a wealth of links, you still need a link where at least 1 person is seeding the complete file).
  • Downloading goes considerably faster compared to overnet.
  • Availability of files is less reliable (people generally just download what they need, close bittorrent and do not seed the completed files to others).

But using Bittorrent or Overnet depends on what you're looking for of course. I use both. (btw. I can recommmend bittorrent if you are looking for TV-series or anime)

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