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e BitTorrentVsGnutella here.

I don't know enough about this stuff to fill in what should go here, but if anyone ever does pass by that does, here's this:

Why don't we see a helper app of some sort built merge advantages of BitTorrent & Gnutella (and other p2p networks)?

Something in the vein of "auto-create those .bittorrent files for everything in a shared directory, and then use the p2p network for sharing the .bittorrent files"?


And why don't we yet see the helper app that turns BitTorrent's distribution model into something that would let the visitors of any random site on any home or hand-held computer turn that site into something that could scale up so rapidly that it could cover El Papa's passing without needing to change it's host one bit.

BitTorrented HTTP's, so to speak.

With ability for the user to "sign up to agree to pass along at high priority X00% of the site's file/s? Of course, there would have to some amount of integration server-side in the CMS to conditionally switch the sources in the html that gets parsed, but still.

There's something there.


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