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rces for the last piece you need*


If a download does not finish, then there are probably not enough seeders left to seed the complete file. If, after 3 days of being desperate, the file still doesn't finish then the seeder(s) are probably not coming back. Then you have to find an alternate link.

 "but but but my 1.3 gig download is stuck at 99%!!"

YES WE KNOW, sorry, bad luck...

How to cure: Find someone who has a complete copy and get them to restart their BitTorrent client. It will rapidly check their copy and then offer it to whoever needs it. Once both your client and their client have found each other via the tracker, they'll send you the small piece you need, and you'll get to 100%. Once you've persuaded someone to do this for you, be sure to provide the same courtesy to others: leave your BitTorrent client running on that file, so that you will serve up any missing pieces to any other people stuck in similar situations.

How to prevent: On most sites that offer bittorrent links, the number of seeders are listed next to the link itself. How convenient. The bigger the number the bigger the chance your download will finish.

'Game Mode can prevent downloads from completing

There has been a report of a transfer that would not complete until the router's 'Game Mode' was switched off, so if your router has this feature, check whether it's enabled.

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