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BitTorrent Applications by Shane Mackenzie

BitTorrent Clients (i.e. programs that download data)

  • abc (2.6.9 - June 13, 2004 - Open Source - Win32 Only - Python ABC)
    Single instance, global upload settings, quite a good client.
  • azureus, Japan ( - June 27, 2005 - Open Source Azureus - java)
    Features built in tracker, multidownload and fast resume.
  • bitcoment (0.60 - September 8, 2005 - Binaries Only - Win32 Only - C )
    [[C BitComet]] multitorrent client. Small, clean, fast and very cheap on resources.
  • BitSpirit (2.5 - April 20, 2004 - Binaries Only - c)
    A reasonable client with some good features, some peer protocol extensions are non official though.
  • bittornado (0.3.15 - 2006 - Open Source - Python
    Latest version of the shadow's client, still just as good as it always was.
  • bittorrent (4.0.0 - March 7, 2005 - Open Source - Python
    The official* BitTorrent client. Version 4 is a complete rewrite. Features very simple/functional UI and queuing. Has the most up to date protocol and backend algorithms.
  • bt (0.5.4a - May 7, 2003 - Open Source BT Enhanced Client - wxpython)
    An attempt at a multidownload GUI for BitTorrent, has been inactive for a while now.
  • burst! (1.0 RC5 - August 30, 2003 - Open Source - Win32 Only - Python/Delphi)
    Python Burst! backend, from Shadow's client with a nice Delphi front-end bolted on. A good client with multidownload capability.
  • ctorrent (1.3.2 - February 1, 2004 - Open Source Ctorrent - C)
    C console client for Unix platforms, and maybe Windows.
  • mldonkey (2.5.22 - July 29, 2004 - Open Source Mldonkey - ocaml)
    Multi-network file sharing client, supports BitTorrent among other protocols.
  • moopolice ( - July 2, 2005 - Win32 only - C )
    This client is based on [[MooPolice|libtorrent]].
  • µTorrent (1.6 - July 1, 2006 - Binaries only - Win32 only - C µTorrent)
    Small, low resource usage. Autoupdating...
  • libtorrent (0.3.0 - July 29, 2005 - Open Source - C )
    Console client for Unix platforms. Is based on rTorrent|libTorrent.
  • shareaza ( - January 3, 2008 - Open Source - Win32 Only - C Shareaza)
    A Gnutella2 client with add-on support for BitTorrent, Gnutalla and eDonkey. Nice GUI but users report lots of problems.
  • turbobt (5.1 - December 29, 2003 - Open Source - Win32 Only - Python)
    A Cool GUI BitTorrent client, very easy to use, Multidownload supported.
  • Monsoon - Open Source - GTK# client based on monotorrent lib, works on any platform with support for either the normal .NET Framework (MacOS X, Linux, Windows) both 32 and 64 bit OS's and platforms which support the Compact .NET framework (smart phones).

Other BitTorrent related programs

  • StegTorrent -- A tool to hide BitTorrent metainfo (.torrent files) into and restore the same back from images (and other types of files) using steganographical methods, providing friendly GUI for the process.
  • TorrentSpy Tracker Analyzer
  • writtorrent -- Tools for manipulating Tracker info in a torrent, blogging torrents, and more.
  • Torrent Loader -- Advanced torrent Analyzer and editor (open source)
  • tracker_modify -- Perl script to batch edit the tracker dictionary of torrents.
  • Torrent Search -- Cross-platform application to look for torrent files on different websites



  • bittorrentkit is essentially Apache, Python and BitTorrent put together in one package. It allows you to run a simple webserver and [[Tracker BitTorrent Kit]] without configuring anything and with really simple install.


  • UDPT is a free & Open Source UDP Tracker written in C that handles UDP announce requests, Developed both for Windows & Linux.
  • bnbt An Open Source C Tracker BNBT by Trevor Hogan.
  • XBTT A light weight tracker, written in C++. With MySQL integration.
  • LeonidasP2P is the ASP.NET 2.0 porting of phpMyBitTorrent. Currently under development.
  • LimeTracker is a tracker written in the symfony PHP framework designed for podcasting, sponsored by LimeWire.
  • mod_bt is a BitTorrent tracker for the Apache webserver. It is written in C and runs as an Apache 2.x module. It is possible for mod_perl or PHP to directly access the tracker's information; no need to download and bdecode scrape URLs. The tracker is fully configured from within Apache's own configuration file.
  • MonoTorrent Tracker written in C#. Runs on any OS supporting either the standard .NET framework (MacOS X, Linux, Windows) or the Compact .NET framework (smart phones).
  • opentracker Lightweight [[Tracker OpenTracker]] written in PHP.
  • phpMyBitTorrent is a PHP BitTorrent tracker with extended database support that can read eD2K/Magnet hashes for Shareaza-enabled Torrents, automatically update stats for external torrents etc.
  • RivetTracker Pharmacie en ligne A modified version of PHPBTTracker, RivetTracker includes additional features such as an RSS feed, optional support for HTTP seeding, detailed connection statistics, and much more. It uses PHP and MySQL and provides an intuitive web-interface for managing torrents.
  • sunflower java servlet Tracker Sunflower.
  • TorrentBroad OSGI (java) Bittorrent platform under the Apache V2.0 license (Currently under development). The "TorrentYeller" OSGI module is the bittorrent tracker.
  • Hefur Standalone C++ BitTorrent tracker under the MIT license.