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'''UPSC IAS Subject Combination Tips 2015'''
Civil service Examination (Also called IAS exam) which is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), is normally considered to be very tough and the most Competitive exam and the students normally find it very tough to Crack.
A major Issue Every Student faces in this Reputed Exam is choice of optional Subjects. As we know that according to recent Changes made by government in the Pattern of IAS exam, the preliminary Test in this exam has now been replaced by Civil service aptitude test, which comprises of two objective papers for all students carrying Equal marks. So the students don't have to decide on the optional subjects for the preliminary exam.
In order to be successful, a candidate firstly has to make a right concept in mind about this exam. Success is not very far if preparation is done on a regular basis. Structurally preparing for every stage brings the candidate to some milestone in the first attempt itself (or even may go through). Provided that the new pattern of the IAS exam is likely to give importance to younger candidates with sharp and agile mind and dedication as the aptitude factor is the sole criteria now to judge candidates in the prelims exam.
Consulting any senior and successful candidate, Reading the toppers testimonials and going through previous IAS exam papers is always helpful for developing the right concept. It's not necessary to cover the entire syllabus in the exam, because the expectations of UPSC are not possible to overcome in real sense. But candidate needs to analyze his strengths and then to focus upon them to facilitate his success in this exam rather than trying to prepare everything.
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