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== New Wiki ==
We migrated to a new wiki installation in mid-February 2013. The important pages were imported and the spam was left behind.
<big>'''» You must create a new account. «'''</big>
''Please confirm your email address.'' There is a huge number of spammers hitting this site. We may need to restrict edits to confirmed addresses. For now, we don't.
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If you need help or escalated privileges, you can [[User:Brainsik| contact the admin]].
== Topics ==
* [[BitTorrentFAQ]]
* [[BitTorrentSpecification]] (detailed spec maintained by the development community)
* [[BitTorrentApplications]] (clients, libraries, and servers)
* [[BitTorrentLanguagePorts]]
* [[BitTorrentErrorMessages]]
* [[BitTorrentLTExtVersionProposal]]
* [[BitTorrentPeerExchangeConventions]]
* [[BitTorrentBlockingIPs]]
* [[BitTorrentAttic]] (deprecated pages)
* [[List of BitTorrent sites]]
We also host the [[YourLanguageSucks]] page

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