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en and Egg

  • No demand for easy to use crypto exists because there aren't many applications which use crypto.
  • There aren't many applications which use crypto because crypto isn't easy to use.

==== GnuForge Authentication


Instead of requiring users to login, the GnuForge system wants to use public key signatures as its primary form of authentication. This means that you must have your private key whenever and wherever you need to authenticate yourself. How do you easily carry your key between computers?

Initially, long key lengths should be unncessary since the incentive for subverting an unpopular system is minimal. Of course, the keys should be long enough that attacks aren't trivial (see ShortKeyLengths).

Your unencrypted private key is carried on piece of paper. If key length is short enough, people won't feel hassled to use it. At the same time, long keys are supported so that people who need (or want) more security can have it. As the GnuForge system gets more populated, people will demand stronger keys in order to better protect their identities. Devices for carrying and using longer keys will then be created to fill this demand.

==== Application


Create a java applet that all authentication is done with. This means that the private key only needs to be given to the computer you are physically accessing. The java applet asks for your private key and you type it in.

An intelligent UI could allow long keys to be easily remember and entered. Some avenues of thought: constructing faces, connecting dots, etc.

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