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s trying to make a profit. Kazaa's search mechanism doesn't work very well. On the other hand Kazaa has a search mechanism. Kazaa is being sued and may disappear. On the other hand they've won the latest round of court battles. You get a lot of pop up ads and lots of different advertisements with Kazaa. None with BitTorrent.

kazaaLite is a fix to the ad problem. It's a hacked version of Kazaa. But can you trust it? There's no source code.

The Kazaa network is much larger than the torrent network - there's simply more content.

Kazaa downloads don't suffer the initial speed blocking problem. They start off as fast as they are going to be and carry on at that speed.

Kazaa downloads don't spread the load. It's a publish/subscribe model and you download only from publishers. You publish by putting files in a special directory. By default downloads go into this directory too so popular content tends to spread to many nodes. But Kazaa users can switch off, or minimise their sharing.

Because you do searching through Kazaa, as well as download, Kazaa tends to stay on, and so the content that you hold remains online.

There is no central tracking for Kazaa. Each node is responsible for its files. Each node is a query engine as well as client and server. So there isn't a potential central failure point.

Kazaa seems to be better for small files.

Kazaa downloads are very slow.

Kazaa has no file integrity checking. Malicious peers (possibly operated by various record labels) can inject corrupt data into the network which propagates onto unsuspecting users. BitTorrent automatically checks downloaded file data against the hashes in the metainfo file, and it will not redistribute corrupt data. This makes corruption attacks impossible on torrent networks.

In Kazaa Lite it has auto-search more, and you can do it infinite times, allowing you to keep getting fresh sources for your download.

Kazaa took google to court via the DMCA to stop google's search results showing up KazaaLite. Not exactly the action of a company that has its users safety at heart.

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