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The question of whether BitTorrent has been or will be ported to another language has come up. So far, it has been ported to at least Java and C .

(x86?) assembler and Java have been mentioned so far, and some minor (read "bencode") work is done for Pike.

> message 1007: I am a distributed systems programmer in San Francisco. I'm interested in writing an opensourced Java version of BitTorrent. Has anyone else volunteered to do it? I'm very good at Java but I've never written anything in python. I've read the source, but I don't know enough about python to port the code. -snip- I think the tracker should be a servlet which can autogenerate the metainfo file upon initialization. Other than that, I've pretty much figured out how to write the rest of the thing. -- Hunter

For making a port, [1] and message 446|message 473 list the various components of BitTorrent and their purpose.

> message 1024: Be forewarned that any reimplementation is likely to be very tricky - your best bet is to do an almost line-for-line port. -- Bram

There are some more or less finished ports of bittorrent:

  • Azureus is a java client
  • Azureus Japan is a Japanese version of the popular java client
  • BitComet is a C++ client
  • libtorrent is a C library
  • libbt is a C library
  • MonoTorrent Suite is a C# client, tracker and torrent creator library collection
  • ZighiTorrent at Zighinetto Project is a library for .NET/Mono 2.0 written in Visual Basic that helps developers with BitTorrent encoding

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