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09/27 After upgrading to BitTorrent Version 3.3, I get Python errors when trying to run the programs *

% ./btdownloadcurses.py The Cure - Greatest Hits.torrent
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./btdownloadcurses.py", line 6, in ?
    from [[BitTorrent]].download import download
  File "./BitTorrent/download.py", line 9, in ?
    from [[StorageWrapper]] import [[StorageWrapper]]
  File "./BitTorrent/StorageWrapper.py", line 13, in ?
    class [[StorageWrapper]]:
  File "./BitTorrent/StorageWrapper.py", line 14, in [[StorageWrapper]]
    def _''init''''(self, storage, request''size, hashes,
[[NameError]]: name 'True' is not defined

Solution: upgrade python. Builtin constants True and False were introduced in 2.2.1 (see NEWS.txt on python.org).

Also, BitTorrent documentation should be changed to reflect this (it still says that only version 2.0 is needed).

For people using Redhat 7.3: Download and install these following files:

On ftp.redhat.com, you will notice they have a version of python called python2-2.2-16. This is a build of 2.2 and it does not work properly with BitTorrent 3.3.

For people using Debian 3.0(woody): You need to do two things to upgrade to python 2.2:

  1. Install python2.2: apt-get install python2.2
  2. Change the first line of every python script of BitTorrent from #!/usr/bin/env python to #!/usr/bin/env python2.2

Added 10/05/04: I had no trouble upgrading to 2.2 in woody. I just had to chase down all the dependant packages and download then from Debian mirrors. Only took 15 minutes or so, and it runs fine. Not bad for someone who's only left Windows two weeks ago.

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