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Running bit torrent 3.2.1 on winXP 5.1 build 2600. Using a Cable Modem, USR nic card, and the latest sound/video drivers for my Geforce 3 and SB Live. The PC runs for about 20minutes and then causes a Blue Screen with a bunch of text garbage on it. Then it automatically reboots. All of this happens in 2 seconds (Blue screen/reboot).

Same thing happens with the experimental version of bit torrent 3.2.1b. This problem doesnt happen if I dont run bittorrent, so I doubt anything is wrong with windows. When I send an error to microsoft, it says a devicer driver may not be properly installed....

I get a similar problem. After about twenty minutes, my network goes away completely. Everything else works, but it's as if my network adaptor has vanished. Reboot fixes it though. I'm running BT 3.2.1 on W2K, PCI network card, cable modem, all that. I don't generally have problems with this setup and it'll normally run for days and days with out a hitch.

An awful lot of BitTorrent BSODs are because BitTorrent stresses network cards more than your average program (this is inherent in the way it is written). As such, if there are bugs in hardware/drivers of your network card BitTorrent may show them up. More information on this topic can be found on the other FAQ under [can I do if I get a blue screen ], in this [Yahoo! Groups message] and [with WinMX].

Make sure that you have the latest stable network drivers for your machine. It is 'very unlikely that BitTorrent itself is causing Windows to crash.

Having had this happen once too often on my XP Pro box I devoted a few hours furiously googling the crash symptoms. One interesting piece of info I found was this [[1]] of the problem. Assigning the network card its own IRQ as suggested by the message ( I had to disable ACPI support to do this) seems to have fixed the problem , as I've been able to download the file that used to give me a consistent crash within 10 mins. So thats one thing to try if the upgrading the drivers doesn't help.

A very simple solution which works for me is to enable the Windows XP firewall, and permit the use of Bit Torrent. Under the 'Advanced' tab of your network connection, enable the XP firewall and click 'Settings'. Under the 'Services' tab, add Bit Torrent by entering the program name, your IP address and the ports Bit Torrent uses (6881 to 6999). I have never had a BSOD using any Bit Torrent client since. I have no idea why this solution works though.

Windows needs more memory!!

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